10 septembre 2007

Mon coeur balance entre Rouen et Clermont-Ferrand. Je vous emmène donc avec moi durant quelques mois à Clermont-Ferrand, en Auvergne pour un autre daily photo en cliquant ICI.
Je reviendrais forcément à Rouen ensuite.

My heart's life is between Rouen and Clermon-Ferrand, in Auvergne, in the center of France. So, I propose you to come with me for a few months in this town Clermont-Ferrand. This daily blog photo is HERE. After these months, I come back in Rouen, of course. So, come with me !

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Percy a dit…

When will you return to Rouen, as I am going to be that part of France at the end of April, and would Ove to Meet up with you, as I am also a Daily Photo Blogger, from Oxford, and a look at my blog.