19 juillet 2007

Vue de la cathédrale

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Anonyme a dit…

Wow. That is some building. With the emphasis on "wow." I noted the black color and then the patina on the corners. That is an interesting contrast. But more than anything else I was drawn to what looks like trees growing on the building to the right. Is that an effort to go "green" where you live? Lots of buildings here have covered roofs with sod or flowers in an effort to control heat buildup. I think it it worthwhile.

I like your cathedral photograph. It is a beautiful building.

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Jilly a dit…

What a beautiful cathedrale. Super photo.

Bergson a dit…

Beautiful geometrical lines, and a so blue sky.
I like

Château-Gontierdailyphoto a dit…

Belle composition...les voitures ideuses sont dans l'ombre...seule l'architecture domine...j'aime beaucoup